I wonder, what’s wrong?

I’m a little moody….
I don’t know why….
I need a small break…
I need more motivation….



After weeks of considerations, we finally decided to go.
But really thank god for my mil, if not I don’t think we will be going.
Cuz hub and me dont wanna spend $$ as our love nest reno had cost us a bomb, 
so we thought giving this a miss.
But after watching the last episode right before the final,
I have the urge to go again!

So I told hub, why not I go myself lor.. 
Then mil heard me, so she suggest “why not I go with you lor”
Immediately hub said “oh if mum wanna go, then we go tgt lor” 
I’m grateful & glad that we decided to go, and it’s all worthwhile for the fun & laughter we had.

There is moments of excitement, gan jiong-ness and relief.

& there is no need to say, of course I support the handsome Desmond Ng (黄振隆) lah…
So happy that he won 1st place in 歌台新力量!
He really deserve this! =D

It was a great night, but…
There will always be disappointment in every happiness.

First, it was the seating arrangement.
Why? Cuz it’s not theatre style like in cinema.
The arrangement was flat, sometimes we can’t see because someone infront had blocked our view.
So we have to watch from the big screen right infront of us.

But people might think, why do you want to spend $$ just to watch from the screen?
Reason being:-
1) The atmosphere is different
2) There is some scene that won’t be air on tv

For these reasons, I decide to try for my first time! (which I didn’t regret at all)

Secondly, the traffic after the event is WORST THAN EVER

Can you imagine, we ended around 1am (we are considered the early ones)
We can’t hail for cab as the Q is super long.
So, we on call a cab, and we got a cab within 5mins! (HAPPY – YAY)
But, the jams is getting from bad to worst and just after we board the cab,
the cars are not moving alr.
We have been station at the same place for more than 15mins before it started moving slowly.
I’ve fell asleep on the cab, and when I wokeup, I’m still at Sentosa!!
And it took us 1hour to get out of the place!
After getting out, within 15mins we are home.
Total cab fare for this, $54! -.- (enough for me to get another ticket)

Slept at 3am and crawl out of bed at 7am for work!
But thank god, TGIF!!!!!!
How I wish it is long weekends again……

Anyway, I’m in love with the new generation getai now! =D

Long weekends 就这样 over 了。。

Golden Jubilee Long Weekends just past like this..

I’m having the post long weekends syndrome now..
Just feel like it’s Thursday night now..

Jubilee Day 1 was spent at Sophia’s place for brunch..
My first time there, and her place is superb cozy which I love it so much.
But for those who know me well, I scared of cats!
Pumpkin is harmless but still, I still kept a lookout in case pumpkin chiong towards me and I can siam as fast as I can. LOL!

Had full body massage during evening..
The massage was great!
I don’t think I can find another great place at Hg area.. =D

After massage, I went to polish my nails as one of it broke (since it’s just nearby)
Head home and nua my night away..

Jubilee Day 2 was spent shopping for furnitures & some electric applicances..

Brought dad out to get his new bed, and we finally found our dining table!
Aftermath, we send dad back home before we head to Gain City to get our TV Set!
Everytime we went Gain City, we will spend almost 2-3hrs there..
We bought :-
– 1 single bed (bed frame + mattress) for $500 at Nova Furniture.
– Dining Table + 4 chairs for $850 at Nova Furniture.
– LG Smart TV for $1500 at Gain City.

Jubilee Day 3 was spent hours at The Floating Bay for our National Day Parade.

Our 3rd time going for NDP together. =D

Jubilee Day 4 was spent nua-ing at home resting and get prepared for work next day! 😦

Getting out of your comfort zone

Here I am, working with Cortina Watch for 3 months already.

Couldn’t imagine I’d got out of my comfort zone at TFS Singapore.

I had pleasure working with TFS Singapore because there is where I know my good friends.

It had been 3 months since I left them, but I didn’t made a wrong decision to leave.

Keeping in touch with them everyday makes me still feels close to them.. ❤

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!

10152026_10153391683517640_5434953252724899579_nOur first wedding anniversary~

So happy hubby brought me to Equinox @ Swissotel The Stamford 70th Floor!
A place where we have been wanting to go since years ago.
And by right Swissotel is the place we wanted to hold our wedding, but due to change of plans, Swissotel doesn’t have available dates that we wanted. (TBH, I’m very very very sad about this)

Anyway, yes.. We finally had our wonderful dinner here. =D

Taiwan – Nov 2015 (Day 2)

The purpose of this trip is because Mil wanna 还神 for giving her granddaughters…
Therefore, we organize trip to TW.  

This place is not easy to come, it’s located at Tainan.
We booked a driver to drive us here…

16410_10152888638507640_1945882866911140257_n 1381279_10152888638792640_6597556323178797032_n10407608_10152888639112640_1375379801122268946_n

We had our lunch at Tainan too before returning to Taipei to meet bro & family…. 

Meet up with them at Zhong shan’s Agnes B Cafe…. ❤
Super love the place with such cooling weather, OMG!

63451_10152888652102640_864463821253192990_n  10372090_10152888653322640_3809154054058933742_n
After that, we headed to this place for our dinner.
It was introduce by bro’s friend.. (we find it before we travel here)
*thumbs up for the good service and good*

Headed to XMD Porter to get our BAGSSS
(Get it, BAGSSSS..)
We bought almost 10pcs of bags back…. =X
Of course, I myself will get it too lah……

Taiwan – Nov 2015 (Day 1)

10363782_10152870428102640_2179705871977489582_n (1)

TAIWAN ~~ Here we come!!!
Us @ Boarding Gate waiting to board our jetplane…

10408124_10152888634422640_5866449785335350803_n 10419382_10152888634692640_3512245953884865634_n 10509505_10152888634667640_250525477140146047_n 10553583_10152888634682640_6098549471546340631_n 10632597_10152888634917640_8952630771991001296_n 10698408_10152888634402640_2157212472515893376_n 10805695_10152888634932640_1238271004021118155_n

Our apartment for the next 5 days.. Very cheap and beautiful place.. 🙂
Touched down at Taipei Taoyuan Airport around 5.30am, reached apartment around 8.00am.
Hub & I (caused we wanna find a chance to smoke),
and we decide to sneak out(not really sneak, as all know we are gg out for a “morning walk”
& ya, we went around the neighborhood to recce..

Brought Mil to Long Shan Temple while Baby Khloe having her nap..
Walk around this area before we head back to meet up with Bro & family..
We had our super late lunch at Xi Men Ding (dont ask me what is the shop name cause I forgot liao) =X

How can we leave XMD not having this?
After our lunch, we head over to get 2 bowl of AH ZHONG MEE SUA to share.. =D10151962_10152888637227640_1943103165780710864_n1920366_10152888637232640_1048327637037691934_n
Right after, we cabbed over to this “National Musuem” , they ought to close by 7pm.
That’s why we are rushing….. 

Last shot before we left the National Museum for Shihlin Night Market..


Super late lunch that caused the super late dinner!
Had our late dinner almost 9pm.. *omg*

Mil, bro and family left Shihlin awhile after dinner as Baby Khloe need to sleep already..
Hub & I continue alil shopping before we head home toooo..

Had been a long day after flight..
That’s for our Day 1! =D